Bhavini Soneji Consulting

Ex VP of Engineering @ Cruise, Headspace, CTO @ Heal, Microsoft


I love using human-centered design with streamlined automation technology to create experiences that improve people’s lives. I help companies evolve processes, tools and tech to adapt to the ever-changing business paradigm - bring clarity to strategic goals, and develop effective execution plans with speed to market.

As executive VP/CTO/CPO, Advisor, I collaborate with company leaders to set & bring clarity to strategic goals, and develop effective execution plans with speed to market. I help to build world-class technical teams, architect software products, and establish processes for operational success.

As executive coach, I enable leaders to discover and build on their superpowers, and become force multipliers. I help leaders build teams to scale.

Let's work together to explore and unlock your potential to drive successful outcomes.

"A coach is someone that sees beyond your limits and guides you to greatness" - Michael Jordan


 Services Offered

Fractional CTO

Do you wonder if there was a way to have the expertise of a seasoned technology leader on an interim basis?

Are you wondering about right organization configuration and resource investment across functions, projects? 

Let's work together to define your team's needs and create a plan to execute it.

Executive Advisor

Are you experiencing a dysfunctional team that is not reaching its true potential?

Is your team finding it challenging to align and meet company outcomes with a growth mindset?

Let's partner to help you turn things around and become a collaborative powerhouse team.

Executive Coaching

Do you feel overwhelmed, reactive, and frustrated by not achieving your intended outcomes?

Do you doubt yourself and question if you are investing in the correct mix of strategic and tactical priorities?

Let's collaborate to shift the paradigm towards a more centered, enjoyable, authentic approach to achieving success.


"A good startup should have the potential for great scale built into its first design" - Peter Thiel




Jake Frenz

Founder CEO SmithRx

Bhavini is a unique and highly talented leader. She is at the very top of tech and product leaders I have worked with. She brings a sense of calm and overall confidence to the team that brings people together and pushes others to bring their best selves. With her systematic approach to scaling teams , leaders can drive impactful results.

Debi Mishra

VP Ex-DocuSign, Microsoft

Bhavini is a remarkable leader with a strong track record in delivering all around success - alongside strong business results, she knows how to build, nurture and scale up strong teams infused with a culture of growth and innovation. Her frameworks and expertise are invaluable assets for any tech leader seeking to drive their teams to success.

Manisha Sahni

Engineering Management Executive

Bhavini’s extensive experience was instrumental in guiding me to best adapt to my new role of Director of Engineering. She was a patient listener who provided relevant feedback that helped me be successful at my company. I truly appreciate the advice I have received from her as it has made me a better Engineering leader and grow in my career.

Vibha Rathi

Engineering Leader at MSCI | Ex-Microsoft | Ex-Meta

Bhavini is an exceptionally talented engineering leader.  With a compassionate leadership approach and a deep curiosity for individual and team success, Bhavini provides the guidance and support needed to navigate the complexities of team scaling. I highly recommend her for any tech leader looking to elevate their team's performance.